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Battle of the Boy Bands

Description: Battle of the Boy Bands is a competitive card game for 3 to 5 people in which players take on the role of music producers who must assemble boy bands and make them compete against each other in special events. It was accepted into the Boston Festival of Indie Games’ Tabletop Showcase in 2016. BotBB was created to be a social game that is both an ode to boy bands and their fans, as well as an opportunity to poke a little fun at some of the sillier aspects of that part of popular culture. The game was inspired in part by groups from the US and UK, but we found our muses mainly in K-pop, a music genre that is famous for its intense fans and idol trainee system, elements that play an important role in Battle of the Boy Bands. Upon realizing that a game about pop music was bringing out the cutthroat saboteur buried deep in each of its players, we embraced that darkly whimsical tone and shaped the rules to further encourage players to ruin everything for everyone else.


Submission Video


The Institute

Description: An interactive play in which the audience takes on the roles of newly recruited special agents who must infiltrate the mind of a brainwashed agent in order to restore him to his old self. Audience members must solve a series of puzzles that involve separating false memories from true ones, identifying scents, and piecing together a music box to play segments of a song in the correct sequence. The Institute was part of the Game Play Festival in 2015 at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY and was made possible by the ITP-Google Experiments in Storytelling Grant.


21c85229213629.55e7be29c80f2 2015-07-08 15.32.42Press: Brooklyn Paper



Wilt Thou Remember Me

Description: An immersive live action narrative puzzle game utilizing both digital and physical clues to tell a story about a young woman obsessed with the American Civil War. Over the span of roughly two hours, groups of two to three players must search through a fictional character’s belongings to look for clues while communicating with the missing woman’s sister via voicemail and text message.


Thesis Presentation




Description: An improvised live drawing and storytelling performance utilizing plexiglass and true anecdotes by Sharang Biswas and Clio Davis with help from Rena Anakwe and Sharon De La Cruz. Performed at the Museum of the Moving Image as part of Shantell Martin’s Drawing on Everything class final show.

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Ofrenda De Los Muertos

Description: An interactive haunted house experience in which guests are led through the land of the dead and meet restless spirits, including a self-righteous priest in denial of his own sins and the victim of a serial killer who waits patiently to get her revenge.

IMG_9296 IMG_9298 IMG_9300 IMG_9203 2014-11-01 11.55.58-1




Description: A coded lockbox inspired by the game Mastermind. Once the correct sequence is submitted, the box unlocks to reveal a small treasure (for the 2013 ITP Winter Showcase, it was candy). Created by Sharang Biswas, Clio Davis, and Susanne Forcheimer.

Prototype Demo:


ITP Winter Showcase Version





Two Ways to Make a Meal

Description: A stop-motion animation short comparing highly processed food compared to whole food. This project received a grant from Tasty Bite and the Tisch School of the Arts to be completed and was a finalist in their competition.



Oye Curandero Directed by Axuan Vrolijk

Premise: A young girl descended from a line of shamans must journey into the Mayan underworld to save a stranger’s life.

Description: The main challenges for the art department of Oye Curandero were building a convincing jungle cave, designing a simple yet eerie Mayan underworld, and both creating and maintaining the elaborate costumes and props. I had a team of three art assistants for this shoot, and we had only a day to finish the set.


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“Killdozer” Music Video 

Directed by Alexander Crowe

Premise: Headgun takes over the killdozer, a deadly vehicle fueled by the power of rock and roll.

Description: For the shooting of “Killdozer” we had to build everything from scratch, including the walls. I led a team of four art assistants, all of them high school students. The major undertakings of this shoot included texturing and painting the walls, adding a look of rust to them, building a control panel out of atari joysticks and oxygen tank gauges, and using fullers earth during shooting to make it look as if the tank was falling apart. The production designer was not present during shooting, so I was responsible for overseeing all art department related tasks, as well as many of the special effects.

Photo credit for first three photographs: Andrea Octavia Ojeda 377029_2869343257317_1383391552_n 384450_2871076220640_298560979_n 385967_2869240974760_1970029420_n IMG_0744 IMG_0775 IMG_0754 IMG_0748

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