As a Guest/Interviewee

Asians Represent! Episode 4 – How to Play as an Asian Character (If You Aren’t Asian)

In this episode we got to talk about The Long Drive Back from Busan (freeform larp), Battle of the Boy Bands (card game), The Truth About Eternity (my Fastaval scenario), and the k-pop industry in general.

Backstory Episode 57

In this episode Alex Roberts and I talked about the intersection of larp and immersive theater, game facilitation anxiety, writing The Long Drive Back from Busan for the Golden Cobra Challenge, and more!

The Board Game Workshop – Boston FIG Episode

I was interviewed briefly about the tabletop version of my game But Not Tonight that was a part of Boston FIG’s tabletop showcase in 2017.

Actual Play

Roll to Play – Red Death

Doug Levandowski GMs a Red Death D&D campaign set in a 1890s Boston that has been invaded by a sinister force known as the Red Death. This campaign uses the 2nd Edition D&D Ravenloft: A Guide to Gothic Earth expansion, but updated for 5e.

As a Host

Read/Watch/Play was a bi-weekly podcast in which co-hosts James, Corinne, Clio, and Justin reviewed books, movies, and games grouped together by theme.

Example themes:  Witches (Howl’s Moving Castle, The Witch, and Banjo-Kazooie), Women of the Apocalypse (Tank Girl, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Horizon Zero Dawn), and Digital Romance (Crosstalk, San Junipero, and Emily is Away).