“A Proper Burial”

Published in Sovereigns: A Blue Rose Anthology. “A Proper Burial” follows Queen Allia as she tries to locate her friend’s body that has gone missing in the aftermath of an attempted invasion.

“The Price of Mercy”

Blue Rose RPG serialized story. The first installment can be found in Nisaba Journal Issue 2.

An aspiring knight rides with her rhy-horse to hunt down her uncle, a Skull Knight infamous for his cruelty, in order to determine if he is fit to be reunited with her family or if he must be kept away at all costs.

“Quartet of Thieves”

Blue Rose RPG tie-in fiction. Can be purchased and downloaded here.

A young woman travels far from home to deliver an important letter but must band together with a boy thief, his rhy-fox companion, and a caravan guard to steal it back when it gets taken by a criminal organization.

“Half a Mile and Six Years Between Us”

Roswell Award Honorable Mention

A short sci-fi story about a couple whose relationship is falling apart at the very start of a generation ship’s long journey.

“Flowers for the Moon”

Published in Luna Station Quarterly issue 030.

An original fairytale about a girl who goes on a journey to confess her love for the moon.