Interactive Theater

The Institute

An interactive play in which the audience takes on the roles of newly recruited special agents who must infiltrate the mind of a brainwashed agent in order to restore him to his old self. Audience members must solve a series of puzzles that involve separating false memories from true ones, identifying scents, and piecing together a music box to play segments of a song in the correct sequence. The Institute was part of the Game Play Festival in 2015 at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY and was made possible by the ITP-Google Experiments in Storytelling Grant.

Press: Brooklyn Paper


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An improvised live drawing and storytelling performance utilizing plexiglass and true anecdotes by Sharang Biswas and Clio Davis with help from Rena Anakwe and Sharon De La Cruz. Performed at the Museum of the Moving Image as part of Shantell Martin’s Drawing on Everything class final show.

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Ofrenda De Los Muertos

An interactive haunted house experience in which guests are led through the land of the dead and meet restless spirits, including a self-righteous priest in denial of his own sins and the victim of a serial killer who waits patiently to get her revenge.

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