I occasionally write and record music for various projects, some of which can be found below.

“Distrust” – the infernal collection soundtrack

This track was recorded for Sharang Biswas’s “The Infernal Collection”, a 5e adventure about high fashion and misplaced ambitions, featured in Adventure Mixtape: Volume 1.

“Save the queen” – in media res

This is an incredibly goofy track I recorded for “In Media Res”, a live game by Sharang Biswas and Brendon Trombley, performed at Pioneer Works in September 2017.  It’s propaganda music for the queen of a beehive.

“Brian’s song” – The Institute

Diegetic song from The Institute, an interactive play about a shady organization the researches psychic phenomena. This song was used in a music box puzzle and was featured in a memory-hacking scene.

The Institute was a part of The Brick Theater’s 2015 Game Play Festival.