Boston FIG 2017

Boston FIG 2017 has concluded, and But Not Tonight has had its first introduction to the greater gaming world. I’m still not always sure how to talk about larp to people who aren’t familiar with it (or worse, if they only have a very narrow and unfavorable view of it based on peripheral interactions with it), but I think we can count this year’s Boston FIG as a success.

Right now, the plan for But Not Tonight looks like this:

  • Continue to send out the freeform version to people who have asked to run it.
  • Finish up the tabletop version of the game, playtest the bejeezus out of it.
  • Finish the three other 80s-themed games that are currently untitled and playtest the bejeezus out of them too. These games are inspired by The Goonies, Labyrinth and Legend, and 80s slasher flicks. I am considering adding some other games to the mix, but I’m also eager to finish this project up so I can send it out into the world.
  • Publish these games all in one collection and throw a Depeche Mode dance party.

If you would like to run the freeform version of But Not Tonight, the best way to get in touch with me right now is honestly through Facebook, at least until I set up a better mailing list/contact situation on this site. But I promise that is something I am working on!